Friday, May 27, 2011

Visiting the computer lab

As part of our community helper unit we will be visiting our SES community helpers. These are pictures of our visit with Ms. Lee in the computer lab.

Community Helpers

We had a full week including a field trip to the Town Common to visit our community helpers. Marie at the post office showed us the gorgeous antique post office boxes with real combination locks. We also learned about what happens behind the counter. Becky, the Town Administrator told us about the time and work of many people that go into make a town. Chief Harding talked about staying safe, using seat belts and life jackets. Mary Anne, the town librarian gave us a delicious snack and read books to us. We visited Taikoda's house and met the newest chick and collected eggs. We ended out trip with a visit from Chief Tibbits and his fire engine! It was a great day.