Friday, March 10, 2017

Dog Houses

 The children have been constructing dog houses, dog beds and dog rocket ships inspired by drama time stories told about Monk, Brown Dog and White Dog. Check out these cool creations!

I made a rocketship that is also a house. It has windows and a door. I made a little phone for him to call White Dog. I made it for Brown Dog. The rocket ship takes him wherever he wants to go . He can live in it.

It is a dog rocket.  I added little details. It has a little bed. It has a little blanket. It has a computer. If you look inside you can see a dog computer. Monk is the one that drives it. He has an assistant, Joey. They went to Hawaii. Then Bounce. It is a fun place where there is lots of trampolines.

I made a pillow and a sheet for my animals. They can bounce and boing and hop on it. The rocking can help someone go to sleep. Its is for any kind of animal

I made a doghouse. Sometimes it flips to the side. I made a roof in case it snows or rains. The doors are locked because Puppy likes it locked.

I made this house for Beny the bull.I decorated it with lots of things. There are doors and windows. Ben likes it inside with a fluffy blanket.

I made a bed for Mary the lamb. I made a mattress and a blanket. I sewed it. I added a pillow with fluff inside.