Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Back from Spring Break Photos

 Suspended funnel with Jurassic Sand.

 Flower Portraits

 Translucent Duplos with the light table.
Bird Bingo with Eagle Eyes.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Preschool Presents Thornton Burgess Stories

 Reddy and Granny Fox plan to get Danny Meadow Mouse

 Danny Meadow Mouse thinks hide and seek is not so much fun anyomore.
 Happy Jack and Chatterer fight over the hickory nuts.
 Striped Chipmunk plans his next move.
 Happy Jack watches out for Shadow the weasel.
 Shadow the Weasel is a wild one!
 Tommy Tit the Chickadee and Happy Jack shout "Hooray, Shadow is a prisoner!"
 Sammy Jay the Blue Jay teases Happy Jack.
 Grandfather Frog is on  his way to sleep in the mud at the bottom of the Smiling Brook
 Red Squirrels, Mrs. Buzzard, Grandfather Frog and Johnny Chuck wait to see what happens to Peter Rabbit when he tries to hibernate.
 Peter Rabbit tries to get fat.
Missy Possum and Jimmy Skunk plan to play a trick on Peter Rabbit.