Friday, January 13, 2017

Light/ Dark/Sahdows and Color

This week we began our study of Light/Dark Color and Shadows. There were many different kinds of activities that allowed the children to experiment and explore with the properties of light and dark, color and shadows. In the Block Area, there was a projector casting light on a large white sheet. Children danced in front of the light casting shadows. Children put a variety of objects on the projector, casting shapes and colors. One of the tables was covered in finger paint with a sheet of cellophane on top. This allowed the children to blend colors and see new colors emerge. Another activity was mixing water colors to make new colors using eye droppers. In the media table there was a light table, covered in Jurassic Sand. Children used their fingers, and small brooms to move the sand in a variety of shapes. At the end of the week, we used Rory's amazing artistic abilities to teach the children how to make shadow puppets. It has been a full, fun week full of many interesting observations about how light, dark, color and shadows can be used to create magical effects!