Friday, June 5, 2015

School Community Helpers

We have been visiting our school community helpers, Chef Gail, Principal  Mendonsa, our school secretary, Jessica, our school librarian, Ms. L. and our school technology person, Ms. Lee. It is wonderful to get out of the classroom,

learn about their jobs and get a chance to check out their tools and equipment.

Town Common Field Trip

WE had a wonderful field trip to the Town Common. We visited the Library, Post Office and Town Hall. On our travels we ran into Steve and John from the DPW, who were busy mowing the lawn. At the Town Hal we had a Town Meeting and voted on a very important issue, water slide or tunnel slide on the playground. I also added a picture of children planting morning glories.

At the end of the morning, Chief Tibbets brought his fire engine to Town Hall and taught us about fire safety. Thank you Community Helpers!