Friday, September 26, 2014

Week in Review-9/19-9/26

Pictures from the last week include making apple crisp for Friday Feast.

 Magna tile construction
 Whipping cream for the apple crisp!

 Constructing groups up to the number 5.
 Fun with friends.
 Walk in the woods and running in the field.

Clay exploration.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Up and Down and Down and Up the ramp.

 A  ramp built with large blocks was a popular spot in the classroom this week. Children invented many ways to travel up and down the ramp. The activity was a  great way to learn about turn taking, risk taking and cooperation. In addition children experimented with the force of gravity and traction, noting the difference between traveling down on their bellies, backs, sideways, walking and sliding.

Magical milkweed

 It started with one little milkweed seed floating away from the seed table.
 The children realized that they could make the seed move with their breath.

 Soon, the excitement caught on.
It was a flurry of white fluff and happy squeals as the milkweed seeds were dispersed in the classroom.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First week-September 2014

Here are snapshots of our first week in Preschool. Enjoy.
 Finding a frog. Jump frog Jump!

 Searching for pumpkins. First the flower, then the seed.
 Music class with Miss Christine and her chimp friends.
 Seed Exploration.

 The end of constructive play time.
 Amazing organization.
 Sand and water play.

Fantastic Friday Feasts

                                                            Sunflower Butter