Friday, September 29, 2017

Moose on the Loose

Today we had a special activity from Community Network for Children in collaboration with the Shutesbury Cultural  Council. Gillian Budine made arrangements for preschool to participate in a Story Walk of the book, "Moose on The Loose."
 Searching for the next page of the story.
 Tromping through the woods.
 Up a hill.  Eventually we made our way to the end and made a huge moose sound-oooorong!
 Afterward, a special guest named Dawn arrived with her "moose in a bag." She showed the children the skeletal parts of a moose, while sharing details of their diet and habitat. Interesting fact, animals eat the moose antlers after they fall off the moose.
 Everyone got a chance to touch the skeleton and ask questions.
Thanks Gillian, Dawn and Community Network for Children and Shutesbury Cultural Council.

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